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A Parents Guide To Raising A Champion

A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Champion By Mark Guttenberg, PGA In light of last week’s feel good story of the year concerning the first PGA tour win for former Leesburg, Virginia resident Billy Hurley III, I thought I would share some insights from my experiences with the Hurley family and what I feel was […]


Playing In The Zone, by Mark Guttenberg PGA

Playing in the Zone By Mark Guttenberg, PGA Have you ever played a round of golf in “THE ZONE”? You know those rounds where everything seems to be going your way and you just sit back and observe as the ball keeps going where it’s supposed to. Time stands still or moves in slow motion […]


Golfing on a Budget

It’s well known that golfing can be an expensive hobby. Between the cost of clubs and equipment, greens fees and memberships, you’re bound to pay a pretty penny for your time on the course. But, there are ways to play the game and still be frugal. So, if you’re golfing on a budget, here are […]


Play the Golf Course on the Driving Range

Struggling to take your driving range swing to the golf course? It’s a common complaint among golfers. “But I hit it so great on the range. Why can’t I do that on the course?” Sound familiar? Swings on the range and play on the course are 2 very different things. On the course, you’re not […]


Don’t Change your Warm-up Routine for an Event

How much do you warm-up before a casual round of golf? How much do you warm-up before a tournament? The answer to these two questions should be exactly the same. Some people make the mistake of showing up early to a tournament or event to get in extra practice. Extra swings are fine, if this […]