Couples Coaching

Mark and Leslie Guttenberg have been married 35 years and have been teaching couples together for 25 years. They’ve had the opportunity to witness first hand the struggles and triumphs of learning, coaching and playing together. After 11 years of marriage, Mark recruited Leslie from a corporate executive position to join his staff as a teaching professional at his golf schools. As a requirement to become a member of the LPGA Teaching Division, Leslie had to pass a playing ability test and shoot a score of 85 or better. The only snag was that Leslie was only playing a few times a year and her average score was 115. If ever a couple had a challenge and had to exhibit some superb communication skills, this was it. As a result of the extraordinary coaching and teaching between this husband and wife team, in one year’s time, Leslie passed her instructor certification tests, including shooting an 85 to pass her playing ability test and became a member of the LPGA.

 The couple met and both graduated from Florida State University. They have a 21 year old son Taylor, who loves to play golf but has a budding career as a DJ (DJTGut)

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Mark Guttenberg, PGA

President and founder of Guttenberg’s Golf Development Programs